Monday Message, May 20, 2024

KNOW There are many parish leaders who have asked about an online version of the Annual Consent and Release form. I have good news. If you would like to use… Read More

Monday Message, April 8, 2024

KNOW If you go into LEAD this week, you will notice that Resources (top left) are now Channels. New channels are being added each week. The newest, Modern Parables, invites… Read More

Monday Message, January 15, 2024

PRAY Sebastiano DeCicco, the father of Carmela Williams, died Saturday morning. May the choir of angels come to greet him. May they speed him to Paradise. May the Lord enfold… Read More

Monday Message, November 20, 2023

KNOW The conversation last week about the new Directory for Catechesis was as inspiring as it was challenging. Have I failed in some way to make it clear how the Directory impacts… Read More

Monday Message, June 12, 2023

KNOW This will be the last Monday Message until either mid-August or early September, unless something comes up that we think you should know. Tomorrow is our final parish leader… Read More

Monday Message, June 5, 2024

KNOW This afternoon, this memo will be sent to all pastors from the Bishop’s office. It includes changes coming to scheduling and planning for Confirmation after January 1, 2024. Please… Read More

Monday Message, May 9, 2022

KNOW It’s official. We now have one form that can be downloaded and used for all parish faith formation programs. Beginning in fall 2022, this form is to be used… Read More

Monday Message, May 2, 2022

KNOW We have a Parish Leader Check In this week. Click this link to join. Final Reminder. If you are planning a parish Confirmation this fall (2022), please make sure… Read More

Monday Message, March 7, 2022

KNOW We have a parish check in tomorrow. Anne McCory will join us to discuss: Guidance on photo release Guidance on record retention (including which records must be retained) Guidance… Read More

Monday Message, February 21, 2022

KNOW Happy Presidents’ Day. I hope you get a day off and use it wisely. We have a parish leader check-in tomorrow. Debbie Charles will join us for a brief… Read More