Monday Message, March 7, 2022

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We have a parish check in tomorrow. Anne McCory will join us to discuss:

  • Guidance on photo release
  • Guidance on record retention (including which records must be retained)
  • Guidance on medical (i.e., epi-pen)

The link to the meeting can be found here. All parish faith formation leaders are welcome.

Even if you didn’t read Chris Lowney‘s book, please join us for his presentation and lunch. RSVP here.

Please see this flyer about the Lenten retreat for parish faith formation leaders, sponsored by BRED.

Confirmation Request Form Fall 2022 are available and were sent to all pastors last week.

Have you advertised this event to your parish yet? Have you asked via your parish bulletin if anyone is missing (only) Confirmation?


In yesterday’s readings (Deuteronomy 26, Romans 10, and Luke 4), we are challenged with a simple question: In a time of crisis, will I remain true to my principles, no matter the cost?

The selection from Deuteronomy is a presentation prayer. Recalled are the experiences of slavery in Egypt and of victory in the Promised Land where the Israelites settled down to farming. The prayer was recited as the first-fruits of the harvest were offered. The reading urges the Israelites to preserve their values and principles against the false gods of the Canaanites who also inhabited the land. What prayer will we present today? This week?

Luke shows how Jesus succeeds in his desert experience, in contrast to Israel. Jesus would not be bought off by Satan’s offer of political power in the second temptation. Jesus’ ultimate victory against evil will come in the passion (22:53).

The fact is this: temptation is real in our human experience. Our free will means a choice between selling out or remaining true. This week, we will be faced with a simple questions, a choice we all must face: will be with the tempter, or will we be the presence of the Spirit, inspiring others to choose good over evil.