Monday Message, March 22, 2021

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Happy Last Full Week of Lent.

On your radar screen this week, please consider the following:

Conversations on the National Dialogue – two chances to join this week.

Check our new page on the Year of the Family. More resources will be added once publishers send them.

At the pastors’ meeting last week, all participants were encouraged to answer the question, “How will your parish meet the needs of young people in middle school and high school?” To help the committee in their efforts, Andrés Lapadula will be meeting with all primary contacts for middle school and high school ministry. This memo will go out to all pastors today. Please contact Andrés if you did not receive an invitation.

Also at last week’s pastors’ meeting, Bishop Caggiano indicated that Confirmation Norms will be sent after Easter. If, however, you wish to begin using the forms for Sponsors, you may do so now. I will post those forms tomorrow, as the Bishop intends to send the Norms for Sponsors to all pastors this afternoon (given the desire by many to begin using the forms).

Speaking of Confirmation, please remember the following:

  • Delegation for confirming adults at the Easter Vigil is given by universal law. No letter need be sent from the Bishop’s office. Whoever celebrates the Easter Vigil already has delegation.
  • Only those who were baptized Catholic and lack Holy Communion and Confirmation or were baptized in a non-Catholic Christian tradition are to be included in the Easter Vigil for Confirmation. We refer to this group as Candidates.
  • Catechumens (those seeking Baptism) will receive all sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil.
  • Adults who only lack Confirmation are to be Confirmed on Pentecost Sunday. As the Bishop indicated last week to the pastors, delegation has been given for Pentecost. Pastors may choose one Mass on Pentecost Sunday to Confirm adults who lack this sacrament and are properly formed. If two Masses (i.e., one English, one Spanish) are required, pastors should email the Bishop for permission.
  • Young people who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation as per current guidelines (i.e., eighth grade, ninth grade, etc.) are not to be Confirmed at Pentecost.
  • Fall Confirmation dates will be published after Easter. Your patience are appreciated.

In Other News:

Have you filled out the survey for Vacation Bible School yet?

Have you seen the new Year of Renewal web page?

If you use Zoom, you should have received an email about renewing your license. If you did not, please contact Patrick.

Every other week, we publish a newsletter called, “On The Same Page,” for pastors, principals, youth ministry leaders, and faith formation leaders. If you have not subscribed or do not receive it, please do so today.

If you want someone else to receive Monday Messenger, please use this page.

This Thursday, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Annunciation of Lord. I’ve included one of my favorite poems for your reflection.