Monday Message: March 1st, 2021

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Blessings on the Feast of St. David of Wales. Today is also National Peanut Butter Lovers Day. Have some Reese’s candy.

A few updates.

Parish Check In
Tomorrow is our parish leader check-in. The link is here – We will be joined by Erin Neil and some members of her team to discuss the upcoming USCCB audit.

If your parish is connected to a school and your catechists are meeting with young people face-to-face, please ask the principal of the school to include those names as educators for the Covid Vaccine. The superintendent’s office has made the same request and the state of Connecticut has approved. If your catechists are only teaching remotely, they will not qualify, but you (DRE/CRE) will. A reminder was sent to principals this morning.

Download the flyer here and please feel free to distribute to your catechists. It will help them sign up for formation if they have not done so already. I know some of you have sent me corrections from your LEAD report. I am working on those. They flyer is also available in Spanish. I believe both are posted online.

Joe Paprocki’s Session for Parents
The webinar is online – and you can download the attendance list here. A really great session to watch if you have time. Many thanks to Loyola and Joe for their efforts.

Ambassador Program
Please be sure to do all you can to support the Ambassador program as part of the year of renewal the bishop has invited us to. Pastors should be recruiting ambassadors in parishes. If you have questions, you can email Rev. Michael Novajosky at Orientation starts this week. Sign-ups have been extended.

Spanish Pages
Formation information for Readers/EMHCs/Catechists are now available in Spanish. Formation for all those groups is available in Spanish within LEAD.

Anti-Racism Challenge
Something to consider – It’s a fourteen-day anti-racism challenge. It is free and available to all. Something worthy of considering. It is also an easy commitment as they give options on how much time you want to spend watching a short video clip, reading a short blog, or a more in-depth article.

Catholic Brain
As mentioned last time, we will not renew our diocesan contract, but if you use this information, you can save.

CatholicBrain’s mission is to help you meet your religious education needs at an affordable price. Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions and their affect, we are extending our 50% off all annual subscriptions offer through March 31, 2021.

School/Parish Subscription regularly $1495 is now $750.

Classroom Subscription for up to 25 students regularly $299 is now $150.

Family Subscription for up to 5 children regularly $129 is now $65.

Take advantage of 50% off savings

Have a great week.