Monday Message, March 20, 2023

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Lots of great things happening as spring arrives.

We have a parish leader check in tomorrow. The link to join is here. We will discuss the books/texts you use and how they treat the subject of chaste living.

The Adult Confirmation courses are set. Register here for English and here for Spanish. Remember, if you have someone who lacks ONLY Confirmation and is over 18, they can attend this workshop and then receive the sacrament on Pentecost.

If you have not yet bought tickets or encouraged others to do so – please spread the word about Made for More, a great presentation taking place on the 25th in Greenwich.

Need help with LEAD? Join Carmela every Wednesday at 2 pm. Also, please check your parish team and get those spots filled this week if you can.

Speaking of LEAD, at the end of last week, a message was sent to all local leaders about the bishop’s event on Saturday. This feature is intended to let you know who is coming to a local gathering you schedule through LEAD. Helpful, yes, but Saturday’s event was a global event so you should not have received the message. For that, we apologize. The notification is now fixed.

However, the notification also lets you click a link to edit the meeting. Again, a nice feature if you are hosting an event and want to make a last minute change. Since this was a global event but the message was sent to local leaders, one of our local leaders clicked the link and deleted the meeting. It was an honest mistake, but a reminder that if you do not recognize something or do not really know what you are doing, leave it alone or call someone. We got the information back and we know who the local leader was, so the next time we meet and have lunch, no cookies for her.


…God in an apron, kneeling
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I was embarrassed until his eyes met mine
I sensed my value then.
He touched my feet
He held them in his strong, brown hands
He washed them
I can still feel the water
I can still feel the touch of his hands.
I can still see the look in his eyes.

Then he handed me the towel and said,
“As I have done
so you must do.”
Learn to bow
Learn to kneel…

(Macrina Wiederkehr)