Monday Message, March 13, 2023

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We spoke of record keeping the other day. Just a reminder that all registration records for faith formation should be kept for 50 years. This does not include saint projects, saint reports, or any homework. It only includes signed documentation that indicates a parent has voluntarily registered their child in a program. Anything with a parent signature would be included.

Since many parishes have piles of paper, and no means to scan them, we have generously offered for you to come to the Institute office, where we will help you scan the documents for safekeeping. It would be helpful if you bring a USB drive so you can leave with the scanned electronic files. The scanner is quite fast and your paper copies can be loaded into shredding bins when we are finished.

Need help with LEAD? Join Carmela every Wednesday at 2 pm. Also, please check your tasks and get them cleared if you can.

The Adult Confirmation courses are set. Register here for English and here for Spanish. Remember, if you have someone who lacks ONLY Confirmation and is over 18, they can attend this workshop and then receive the sacrament on Pentecost.


Shepherd me, O God. Let me hear the truth that you do not keep vigil with me only in my faithful moments. You do not limit your loving gaze to my goodness. You guide me through those times when I am wandering, lost, and unaware of your presence. You are keeping watch over my ungrateful heart, my unforgiving spirit, and my closed mind. You forget my sins and keep vigil with the goodness in my being that I have not yet discovered. You see the part of me that I cannot yet see. Thank you for knowing me so completely.