Understanding the Directory

On March 13, 2024, the Institute hosted a meeting featuring Joe Paprocki and Bishop Caggiano.

Among the many great ideas shared is the learning path for Understanding the Directory. Part One is now live. It will take you less than 15 minutes.

Please click on the link below and then click “Join.”

That simple action will put you in the group called Directory for Catechesis.

  1. After you join the group, you can navigate to the learning path using the link on the group page or in your dashboard to begin learning.
  2. You can navigate to the communities using the icon at the top right-hand side and post your comments, answers to reflections questions, and ideas. This is not required, just an added benefit of being part of the group.
  3. Each new learning path will be added to the group as they become available – about every four weeks.

If you are a principal or parish catechetical leader, you will notice that these learning paths are what we call “authorizable” meaning that you get credit for watching.

To join the group, click https://bridgeport.leadlms.com/register/group/193

Happy learning.


The Institute Team