Monday Message, September 27, 2021

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As was mentioned on the call two weeks ago, we are working on an online directory for faith formation leaders. Please complete this survey today so the updates can be made in the directory. It will take you about five minutes.


Save the following dates please:

  • Catechetical Summit II – February 23 – 10 am to 2pm
  • Bishop Meeting with Catechists – 
    • Wed., April 6 at 6pm 
    • Sat., March 12 at 9:30 am
  • June 24 – lunchtime – World Meeting of Families local celebration

Several of you asked for the Bishop’s Come Home video so you can show it at your parent gatherings. That video can be found here.

If you have any child with special needs, please pay close attention to this note below from Helen Burland:

We are beginning to plan for the annual Special Needs Mass scheduled for November 7 at 2:00pm at Holy Cross Church which is adjacent to Saint Catherine Center. Currently the Bishop is scheduled to celebrate the Mass although that is always subject to change.

If you have young people who should participate, please contact either Laura Grozier or Helen Burland. The number for the Center is 203-540-5381.

In addition to a letter from the DRE or Pastor that presents the candidate, the following information is needed in order to record the Sacrament.

Baptism: name of Child; first and last name of Father, first, middle and maiden names of the Mother; city/place of birth; date of birth; names of Sponsors (practicing Catholics in good standing in the Church-Non-Catholic Christians are NOT Sponsors, but “Christian Witnesses.”)

First Holy Communion: name of Child, address of residence; place and date of Baptism; name of Parents.

Confirmation: name of Candidate and chosen Confirmation name; names of both Parents (including mother’s maiden name); place and date of Baptism; name of Sponsor and Sponsor certificate.


The Church is for all God’s children, rich and poor, peasants and scholars, the sophisticated and the simple. But obviously the greatest concern of the Church must be for those who need the most help—those made helpless by sickness, poverty, ignorance, or cruelty. Vincent de Paul, whose feast we celebrate today, is a particularly appropriate patron for all Christians, when hunger has become starvation, and the high living of the rich stands in more and more glaring contrast to the physical and moral degradation in which many of God’s children are forced to live.

St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us, and give us courage to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay