Monday Message, October 30, 2023

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We have a Parish Leader Check In on Tuesday. No need to dress up for Halloween. Just log in and pray with us, share some good news with us, and touch base with other leaders in faith formation. Click here for log in information.

Adult Confirmation workshop is Saturday. Be sure to invite anyone who needs to attend to log on first and complete the coursework prior to attending.

There is a chance to discuss important mental health issues on a webinar on November 2nd. Check out this link for more details.

If you have not received the Holy Cards for the 70th anniversary for distribution to your faith formation students, please email Carmela and she can help you track them down.

Our friends at St. Jude in Monroe want to make sure all the women out there know they are invited to a wonderful morning of reflection on November 4th. Please see this flyer for more details.


Good morning Baltimore is ringing in my ears this morning. It’s not because we just watched, “Hairspray,” but because a few of us are in Baltimore this morning to bury Maureen’s uncle.

Uncle Mike was a sweetheart who loved his church, his Lord, and his Knights of Columbus. He passed away peacefully last week at 83. Dementia slowed his body in the last few years, but there was some clarity near the end and he enjoyed an evening with ice cream and talking to his sisters (which would have included Maureen’s mom, had she not died suddenly at 62 in 2007).

Later today, we will accompany his body to the parish and accompany his body to his place of rest. Pray for his family, the children and grandchildren who mourn him, and the many of us who travel home afterwards.

Have a good week. I hope to see many of you tomorrow.