Monday Message, October 25, 2021

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Franciscan University’s Catechetical Institute is continuing its free webinar series to answer the most commonly asked questions about successfully implementing in parishes and schools in creative and effective ways.  Franciscan At Home is a great resource for home study for parishes and/or small groups. To learn more, visit the link above.

October is the month of the Rosary. We have great resources here.

Advent Posters for 2021 are available here and all our great resources for Advent are here.

Say a quick prayer this morning for all the great folks meeting at St. Paul in Greenwich to discuss new SOPs for faith formation in the diocese.


October is the month of the rosary. At the beginning of the month, Pope Francis even asked that all Catholics around the world try praying the rosary again this month. Prayer is powerful, and the rosary has a special history of being an especially effective form of prayer.

If the last time you prayed a full rosary was with your grandma, no worries — you’re not alone. But could we all take a moment this weekend to pray a Hail Mary or two?

The Hail Marys you pray for the rosary are meant to help you reflect on different events in Mary’s life as the Mother of God. There are four “mysteries” of the rosary, and each mystery gives us five scenes from Mary’s life to reflect upon.

But today, we’d like to invite you to reflect on just one of these mysteries and pray a Hail Mary with us. The mystery is the Visitation — when Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth after learning they were both miraculously pregnant.

When you hear good news about a friend, what’s your reaction? Too often we can be tempted to be envious or resentful toward another’s good news. But Mary sets the perfect example of rushing to visit Elizabeth to help her and rejoice with her — even when she had good news of her own.

How can you lift up a friend and the good things in his or her life this weekend? And will you join us in saying a Hail Mary for a friend in need?

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