Monday Message, November 29, 2021

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This week, we have our Parish Leader Check In. Please join us for discussion about the Bishop’s letter to parents, update on parish visits, and more. To join the meeting find the link here.

Next week, there are two exciting events. The first is our next installment of Documents That (Still) Matter with Fr. Peter Lennox, who will discuss Sacrosanctum ConciliumRegistration is open and can be found here.

Next week also sees the second installment of our face-to-face quarterly meetings with faith formation leaders. Please sign up if you are attending. Our speaker will be Ela Milewska from the Archdiocese of New York.

Finally, please see invitation from Kelly Weldon and consider celebrating the feast of St. Francis Xavier with the wonderful folks who work so hard to support our mission parishes.


Life is filled with in-between situations. We work toward success but have yet to achieve it. We plan for a home but haven’t yet built it. We train to win a championship but haven’t yet won it. These in-between times are crucial. Yesterday’s readings talk about life where there is beginning but not yet completion, hope but not fulfillment, expectation without realization.

The Jeremiah passage offers hope to the people at a time when there is no Davidic king. The author teaches that God will provide, the future will bring change. In this in-between time there must be continued trust in God’s promise to David. It’s true that the fulfillment of this promise lies in the indefinite future, but there is still an obligation to hope in the present.

Writing about twenty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Paul tries to strengthen his Thessalonian converts in their new faith. For Paul, an essential part of the Christian message is the Parousia, or the Second Coming. Without that event, the drama of salvation is incomplete. Paul believes the Parousia is imminent, but preparation is required. Paul asks two things: (1) an increase in mutual and universal love and (2) the attainment of the Christian goal. The goal is holiness expressed in loving concern for one another.

The Parousia is not imminent for Luke. When the Parousia does occur, it will be a day of redemption for the oppressed and a day of vengeance on the oppressors of God’s people. Constant prayer and vigilance will remove all fear about the return of the Son of Man. The Second Coming will make salvation complete.

As we live in this in between the first and second coming, let us continue to pray for one other and encourage one another so we may enjoy life eternal with one another.