Monday Message, February 5, 2024

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We have a Parish Leader Check In tomorrow. The link can be found here. Read on for the agenda.

During tomorrow’s call, we will be joined by the team that leads the JPII grant process.

Foundations in Faith is pleased to announce that it’ll be welcoming Program Support Grantsapplications from parishes and ministries in the Diocese of Bridgeport starting on February 15.

Returning applicants: log into the Grant Applicant Dashboard using the same credentials from the previous year.

First time applications: first Create Grant Applicant Account then log in to the Grant Applicant Dashboard.

Be sure to hit apply under Program Support Grants from the dashboard and select the JPII For Faith Formation for the Fund in the application!

TIP: Become familiar with the application then return to it once you have gathered all the information you’ll need—the page times out after 2 hours and you’ll lose your work.

For more information visit:

Still have questions? No problem! Email and we’ll be happy to help you!

The application window closes on March 31.

You may recall our diocese agreed to host diocesan focus groups as part of our research in 20022-23 on Pastoral Leaders Serving Young Catholics. The final report on the qualitative study of pastoral leaders ministering to youth and young adults is now available. This report is currently available for free download on the MTS website.

Check out the Institute website for information on Lenten Resources, Adult Confirmation, Regional Conversations, and other great upcoming events.


I usually only find myself on YouTube for recipes (or “the YouTube as I refer to it just to irritate the kids). Even then, I don’t often follow the recipe. But a few months ago, someone shared the video of Adele singing, “Rolling in the Deep” and I simply cannot stop watching – mostly because Emma Thompson, another favorite, is so memorable in her excitement.

A few years ago, Adele hosted an ITV special in England and invited all the important people and, I assume, the general public. We were just coming out of Covid and, if memory serves, Adele felt it was important to gather and celebrate life. There are many memorable. moments, including Emma Thompson re-introducing the singer to a teacher who meant so much to Adele in her youth.

Then comes the song. Here is what struck me about the song – I like the lyrics, I like the tune, but watch the audience. Keep an eye out for Emma Thompson telling everyone to “get up and dance.” Watch the likes of Boy George, Emma Watson, Samuel L. Jackson, and others dancing with pure abandon. There are no cell phones (which were presumably prohibited). There is no one taking video, except the guy creating the video. There is only joy in the moment. Everyone is present. Dancing. Singing. Unadulterated happiness.

We need more of that.

Watch the video and enjoy your week. If you really want to have fun, learn the words and sing the song in front of your kids and their friends.