Easter Monday, April 5, 2021

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It is good to have the Gloria back.

It is good to have our Alleluia back.

It good to be free of Lent.

It is good to have journeyed well, to have sacrificed much, to have fasted intently, and to have prayed often.

It is good to be loved so much that His sacrifice is enough. Once. For all.

It is good that Springtime is finally here.

It is good to have Easter baskets filled with candy and yes, even a new mask or two.

It is good that vaccines are in progress, the number of our sick friends is going down, and restrictions are being lifted.

It is good that we celebrate good health.

It is good to be blessed with work.

It is good to have our churches open, even if only partially.

It is good to welcome new life at Baptism, broken bread with new communicants, and celebrated the Spirit in Confirmation.

It is good to be with family, even if some can still only join virtually.

It is good that we live and work and pray in a country where we fear little when it comes to where we worship and how we worship. And though there is violence, it pales in comparison to the violence elsewhere.

It is good to hold your children close.

It is good to be forgiven. Redeemed. Saved. Blessed.

It is good.

It is very very good.

This week, get some rest. The Good News that death is cancelled and life has won reminds us of the job ahead of us – to prepare others to know the person of Jesus the Risen Christ so that they, too, can come to know Him, serve him, love him, and introduce Him to others.

Yes, there is work to be done. Much work. For now, let us pause and celebrate the victory. Let us sing loud and clear.

We are, after all, the people of Easter.

And “Alleluia” is our song.